Q. Is delivery included?

A. No, delivery is extra but arrangements can be made if necessary.

Q. How are the horses named?

A. There is a specific method to the naming of the Canadian Horses. The first part is the farm name, followed by the name of the sire and then the name of the horses beginning with the letter of the year in which they were born. Example:
Farm name Knightland
Stallion name Stoneridge Bayard Hotshot
2004 Year letter P
Foal Name Knightland Hotshot Pebbles
You can always check the birth year of the horse by the letter of the name. The letter for 2007 is T.

Q. What is special about the Canadian?

A. The Canadian has a number of special attributes. We always have people comment to us that they have a great "look". One of their attributes is that they are very versatile horses. If you want to try it out, they'll be right there with you riding, driving, jumping or just as a pleasure horse. Another one is their personality is always curious and very people-oriented even when strangers come for a visit.

Q. Do you offer stud services?

A. We will offer services to approved mares. To date, we do not have the facilities for semen collection.

Q. Other questions?

A. Give us a shout and we'll do our best to answer them

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